hasty departure

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It was absolutely necessary, therefore, to think of something, and in this emergence recollecting WHEN she had seen him last in Hertfordshire, and feeling curious to know what he would say on the subject of their hasty departure, she observed:
We have been to your island, Professor," continued the officer, "and judging from the evidences of hasty departure, and the corpses of several natives there, I feared that some harm had befallen you.
One had her form under my house all winter, separated from me only by the flooring, and she startled me each morning by her hasty departure when I began to stir -- thump, thump, thump, striking her head against the floor timbers in her hurry.
Malbihn's boys were striking camp in preparation for a hasty departure.
So, on the day of our hasty departure, we cut through the floor there, and gave him such burial as we could.
I resolved to set out, and did set out at that very instant, carrying with me the beginning of my great work, the unity of the Italian kingdom; but for some time the imperial police (who at this period, quite contrary to what Napoleon desired so soon as he had a son born to him, wished for a partition of provinces) had their eyes on me; and my hasty departure, the cause of which they were unable to guess, having aroused their suspicions, I was arrested at the very moment I was leaving Piombino.
Some months after her hasty departure she passed through her native town with an artist on his way to Brittany.
With the show keen to compare the performances of the males and females, a few moments - some tears, some screaming at a snake and the hasty departure of hairdresser Jayde ("look at my nails
Three months before their hasty departure, Fatima had prepared a large handbag in case they were forced to leave the country," she writes.
And this time there was no Anfield-type salute from Mackay to the fans at the final whistle, simply a handchake with Pochettino and a hasty departure straight down the tunnel.
When the media got curious about Kareena's hasty departure, Imran sportingly called up the actress and put the phone on speaker.
The hasty departure of Mukete from the central bank to PointBreak has raised suspicions that the former Assistant Governor might have acted in conflict of interest in the awarding of a provisional licence to e-Bank since the banking supervision department, responsible for the screening and awarding of banking licences, fell directly under his control.