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The sporty and stylish BAIC A115 hatchback is perfectly designed to fit multiple driving environments and the whole vehicle exemplifies a sense of fashion, dynamism and subtle power.
Based on data collected by the board, there are about 14,621 hatchback units that operate under Grab and Uber.
The agency drew criticisms for its plan to bar hatchbacks and compact cars from being accredited as TNVS.
The automaker is planning to launch the new internal combustion engine V40 hatchback before, following that with the release of the all-electric version.
There are lots of options if you're looking for a family hatchback from the 2012 to 2015 period and in a class packed with noteworthy cars, it would be easy perhaps, to overlook this facelifted MK6 model Astra - or at least to assume it to be an also-ran in this tightly-fought segment.
Like the hatchback it comes with a host of hi-tech features to satisfy the needs of the most demanding of buyers - providing they have smart phones.
BEIRUT: When it comes to buying cars, convenience usually tops people's list of criteria so it's no wonder that hatchbacks have grown increasingly popular over the decades.
With dynamic styling looks and class-leading spaciousness, the second generation of the Middle East's best-selling compact hatchback has everything to build on the Tiida nameplate's established success.
Nissan Tiida hatchback, was first introduced to the Middle East market in 2005, and still continues to lead the C- hatchback segment with more than 35 per cent market share, said a company statement.
Even in terms of space, they can hardly better a hatchback, and are even outdone by models like the Honda Jazz.
Type:Front-engine, front-wheel drive, five-passenger, mid-size hatchback
Given the fact that the intellectual property of Runna belongs to IKCO, the company intends to add to the diversification of the car and produce the hatchback type too.