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Speaking about Mr McGuinness, he said: "He is whether you like it or not - and I have always been a hater of Sinn Fein and a hater of the Provisional IRA and they don't like me - a very personable person and a good operator.
And if you're one of those haters, you'll probably find the hit, of watching other people do what you could watch yourself doing, softened slightly by Big Brother's Little Brother.
So tell the haters to keep hating, keep commenting, because I'm making money," he added.
From the use of unpublishable language to doing their best to destroy the credibility of a certain star, haters working anonymous Twitter handles and Facebook groups are aligning themselves
Nearly 15 percent of the differences in how many activities people conducted during a typical week was associated with being a hater versus a liker.
But even if you aren't interested in the beautiful game, even if you're a hater like me, the story of Moyes' tenure at Old Trafford has been an intriguing one.
Fulford's views of pets Paul Fulford is obviously a animal hater and thinks that the earth is just for humans.
Le ministre de la Communication, Mohamed Said, a appele, jeudi, a Tamanrasset, a hater l'achevement des travaux inherents a la couverture radiophonique et televisuelle dans les regions du sud du pays.
YOUR contributor Helen Jackson accused me of being an animal hater.
A Hater was a big success: the show got amazing press from The New York Times, The New Criterion, and lots of other places, and the text is about to be published in a national journal of theatre translation.
Time cools the fire of hate, thus forcing the hater to look inward.
With the wittering styIe of his letter, Smoke Hater shows all the after-effects of having given up smoking.