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He was the drag upon the wheel, and an Americanised Irishman of the second generation, despising his own race and hating the other.
that with my vague mind, susceptible and unobservant, hating inquiry and given up to contemplation, I should have been drawn towards a youth whose strongest passion was science.
You--you're very kind," said Sophie, hating herself because her lip trembled.
And the next moment she was hating herself for the folly which asked the question.
Moreover, as music is one of those things which are pleasant, and as virtue itself consists in rightly enjoying, loving, and hating, it is evident that we ought not to learn or accustom ourselves to anything so much as to judge right and rejoice in honourable manners and noble actions.
Her officers were swarthy bullies, hating and hated by their crew.
What reason could the miserable creature have for hating a man whom he had nothing to do with?
he cried brazenly, hating the boys more than ever because they had seen him unbend.
As you dare not return to Amoz," I ventured, "what is to become of you since you cannot be happy here with me, hating me as you do?