haughty contempt

See: disdain
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He recalled the haughty contempt with which his protestations of love had been received.
Sam left it with the landlady, and was returning to pull his master's boots off, after drying himself by the kitchen fire, when glancing casually through a half-opened door, he was arrested by the sight of a gentleman with a sandy head who had a large bundle of newspapers lying on the table before him, and was perusing the leading article of one with a settled sneer which curled up his nose and all other features into a majestic expression of haughty contempt.
He looked with hate and loathing on the poverty and downfall of his family, and treated his mother with haughty contempt, although he knew that his whole future depended on her character and reputation.
All that the heart of a woman could contain of haughty contempt and disdainful words, I poured out upon this man.
If I did I certainly should not tell you," Raskolnikov answered with defiant and haughty contempt.
Kristina Fancy's Blitzen is an ardent feminist who thinks every man is out to get her, an attitude that Fancy brings across with measured, haughty contempt.
Meanwhile, the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan has begun to treat the state with haughty contempt by orchestrating acts of terror even during the course of the talks.
Even more likely is that it is a reaction to the haughty contempt in which genuinely frustrated young people fighting for their futures appear to be held by local representatives such as Cllr McTigue by describing them as guilty of 'vandalism and criminal damage' when partaking in peaceful, organised protest as we have seen nationwide over the past few weeks.