haughty indifference

See: disdain
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Hatfield once more to her feet; but finding them unsuccessful, she repaid his haughty indifference with still loftier scorn, and spoke of him with as much disdain and detestation as she had formerly done of his curate.
Now the responsibility is on the shoulders of world leaders, whether they keep Arden's trend alive and bring empathetic leadership to the next level or remain stuck to persisting blame games, religious intolerance, bias, prejudice, bigotry, haughty indifference, hate, and marginalisation, and further drag the world on the verge of destruction.
With haughty indifference she tells you that you have to open a new account since joint accounts and those in Islamic banks are not allowed.
However, while he appears to have learnt nothing and continues to display a haughty indifference to the plight of the families whose lives he ruined, they now need to move on.
THERE is a shyness about Sonia O'Sullivan that could too easily be mistaken for haughty indifference.
The sins into which, by their own moral conduct, certain members of the Personnel of the Church happen to fall,--whether it is a question of pride of spirit or weakness of the flesh, or of the allurements of prestige and riches [and we could very well add today, an exaggerated and dishonest concern for the reputation of the institutional Church or a haughty indifference to the sufferings of the innocent and most vulnerable members of the Church], --certainly have repercussions on the flocks it is their mission to shepherd and on the manner in which they lead them.
Then shortly afterwards on a tension-strewn third afternoon in the second Test, as tempers frayed over disputed umpiring decisions, Atherton, who normally responded with haughty indifference, and Sangakkara became embroiled in an ugly finger-jabbing confrontation.
She's not the first to be shocked by our monarch's haughty indifference as she goes through the motions of her royal duties.
Moreover, the speed with which they abandoned any pretence of haughty indifference to such salacious media fare, long regarded as staple in the West, suggests that the mass reader did the 'correct' thing only when expected and 'guided', and once free from 'guidance', descended into glorious hedonistic 'incorrectness'.