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Haul in, and here’s a cast that will pay for the labor.” Fishes of various sorts were now to be seen, entangled in the meshes of the net, as it was passed through the hands of the laborers; and the water, at a little distance from the shore, was alive with the movements of the alarmed victims.
As the labor of drawing the net had been very great, he directed one party of his men to commence throwing the fish into piles, preparatory to the usual division, while another, under the superintendence of Benjamin, prepared the seine for a second haul.
“It is time for us to be moving; the moon will be down ere we reach the point, and then the miraculous hauls of Dickon will commence.”
You may call a lake-fish that will weigh twenty or thirty pounds a serious matter, but to a man who has hauled in a shovel-nosed shirk, d’ye see, it’s but a poor kind of fishing after all.”
He hauled off to knock my wind out, an' he landed square on a book.
The boy took the skiff in to a dilapidated boat-wharf at the foot of Castro street, where the scow schooners, laden with sand and gravel, lay hauled to the shore in a long row.
Poke-hooked, too." They hauled together, and landed a goggle-eyed twenty-pound cod.
For the ketch, under her spanker which had just then been flat- hauled, had come into the wind, emptying her after-sail and permitting her headsails to fill on the other tack.
The ketch was so small that she was compelled to tow her one whaleboat astern on long double painters, and by the time the mate had it hauled in under the stern, Van Horn was back.
'The admiral desired the flag to be hauled down--hoped it would be perfectly agreeable--and his men stood ready to perform the duty.' 'Tell the Pirate your master,' replied the spirited Englishwoman, pointing to the staff, 'that if he wishes to strike these colours, he must come and perform the act himself; I will suffer no one else to do it.' The lady then bowed haughtily and withdrew into the house.
Though the number of gold medal haul is fewer compared to last year, Baguio remains the overall champion, with head of delegate and city sports coordinator Gaudencio Gonzales praising the young athletes for a job well done.
Capital expenditure by service providers on Mobile Fronthaul Market technologies to reduce the burden on existing radio base stations have also resulted in the increase of mobile front haul market.