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She will suffer anything, risk anything, believe anything, to be freed from that one haunting doubt.
They were out; and when Anne re-entered her house of dreams the red embers were still glowing on the hearth, and all the haunting presences were gone.
The Hallowed Haunting Grounds celebrates its 31st annual ``Manifestation'' featuring a fog-cloaked graveyard, shrouded spirits, a talking statue, and a phantom organist, 7 p.
The compilation features fifteen haunting new and classic tracks from artists such as Raven, Barenaked Ladies and Calvin Richardson, plus an original score by Mark Mancina that shadows the creepy adventures and excitement of Disney's "The Haunted Mansion.
New this year are state-of-the-art special effects that produce the ghost of brewing family patriarch William Lemp who tells the haunting story of his family members' suicides.
Photo: (1) Liam Neeson, left, Owen Wilson and Catherine Zeta-Jones are terrified by the ghosts in a deserted mansion in ``The Haunting.
Hillman's Halloween Haunting will offer a 900-square-foot maze, a mad surgeon, a haunted cemetery, a black-light room, a strobe-light room, a haunted mine shaft, vampires, fog, bats and the living dead, courtesy of the Santa Clarita Valley/Newhall Optimist Club.
2) Tarzana lighting technician Michael Shanman's many haunting Halloween props include a gargoyle designed to look like him.
Photo: Nell (Lili Taylor) has a special connection to a foreboding house in ``The Haunting.
Musician Rob Zombie unleashes his haunting creation on theme park
The 27th annual ``Halloween Haunting Grounds'' features special lighting, sound and projection effects, including a talking statue, the ghost of a little girl, the marble bust of a young woman, a phantom organist and a skeletal harpist.
The 28th annual Hallowed Haunting Grounds features special lighting, sound and projection effects, including a phantom organist, shrouded spirits and a talking statue.