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He passed the greater part of his time on and in the water, particularly about Hell Gate, and might have been taken, in bad weather, for one of the hobgoblins that used to haunt that strait.
They haunt the empty chambers of our lives, they throng around us like dead leaves whirled in the autumn wind.
Jacksonville Haunts, a new company launched by Mike White, the owner of Client Focused Media, will be producing the event.
The architect of the National Museum of Wales, Dunbar Smith, apparently haunts its |corridors at night
They all come of their own free will," Stephen Hummel of America Haunts told the Law Blog.
One might not expect Bigfoot or a sea serpent in Richmond; but in fact paranormal Richmond doesn't lack for oddities--and this book provides lively stories of haunts divided handily by county for those who would visit and see for themselves.
Travel Business Review-October 17, 2011--America Haunts Members Announces New Services for Halloween(C)2011] ENPublishing - http://www.
An Israeli activist and political analyst, Kirstein Keshet sets on a journey to explore what haunts Israel and what haunts her own imagination and commitment to justice.
3 : to come to mind frequently <The song haunts me.
In a nutshell: Period possession story, purportedly based on true events, has good production values, a classy cast and the same kind of narrative incoherence that haunts cheap contemporary horror movies.
In Larson's hands, photography emerges not just as a medium that haunts but one that is itself haunted by its own ghost.
Her first-person accounts of her ghostly encounters range from observations of spirit writings, fogs, chills and haunts to her own physical sensations and explorations of a range of buildings, from old houses and abandoned structures to cemeteries.