have an obligation

See: owe
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Do you believe that as a professional insurance producer you have an obligation to advocate for your clients--to "go to the wall" if it appears that the element of good faith dealing or the "promise to pay" is not being honored?
As well as having an obligation to students, I have an obligation to ensure that our institutions are well funded and can compete on the world stage .''
Attorneys still have an obligation to zealously defend their insurance company clients, and carriers still have the right to fully investigate claims.
Just as poor people have an obligation to work and contribute to society, the prosperous have an obligation to open doors, reward effort, and share their wealth to ensure that people who work hard--at whatever wage level--can live decently and put their children in good schools.
Training focusing on bloodborne pathogens and the universal precautions (i.e., treating all blood, from all individuals, at all times, as potentially toxic) that everyone should practice whenever a potential for exposure exists has not proven sufficient to alter the officers' beliefs that they have an obligation to go beyond stated policy to protect themselves and others.
The main purpose of this article is to argue that society in general, government agencies, private employers, and rehabilitation professionals in particular, have an obligation to provide equal access to employment opportunities for persons with mental retardation.
At the same time, we all have an obligation not to let the differences between us become obstacles to love.
Even if the purchaser did have an obligation to sell its cooperative apartment at any cost, that obligation would not run to the seller but would run to the bank.
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