have dialogue

See: converse
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Khan also offered to have dialogue with India on the issue terrorism, claiming that the aACoenaya (new) PakistanaACA[yen] did not want anybody to indulge in terrorism from the Pakistani soil nor wanted anybody else to indulge in terrorism from aACoeoutsideaACA[yen].
"We are going to Geneva and we do not know with whom we will have dialogue," he said, pointing out that the Republic's delegation will wait for no more than 24 hours for the other parties to show up, and if no one shows up the delegation will leave Geneva and the other party will be held responsible for the failure of the talks.
You may not all agree on everything but the way to live with our differences is to have dialogue so that we can come to some common solution in a much peaceful and amicable way, said Rt.
In all cases, let's have dialogue with the group and find out what they are really about.
''The government has no plan to have dialogue with the NLD,'' Kyaw Hsan told a press conference in Keng Tong, about 700 kilometers northeast of Yangon.