have evidence

See: adduce, bear
References in classic literature ?
We have evidence of almost every conceivable kind, organic and inorganic, that within a very recent geological period, central Europe and North America suffered under an Arctic climate.
Summary: Elferink calls for stand against child marriage, but concedes he does not have evidence to back up claims
"If members of the public have evidence or information on movements of suspicious vehicles or persons regarding these incidents which could help police investigations, our plea is for them to contact me directly on the numbers 22808024 or 22808067 -- the (police) press office numbers -- so this information or evidence can be passed on directly to the police chief," said Angelides.
And when it come time to hold up the evidence, we got to have evidence to hold up.
As before, someone can have evidence for a proposition in the relevance sense, without having evidence for it in the absolute sense, and vice versa.
Then, I have evidence (in the relevance sense) for p, but not for its known logical consequence q.
Dretske moves from 'you do not have evidence for p' to 'you do not know/justifiably believe p', but fails to see the absolute/relevance ambiguity in the former.
The externalist begins by claiming that for someone to know a proposition she need not have evidence confirming the truth of that proposition.(7) The externalist ends up claiming something much stronger.
It is one thing, they will say, to have evidence against one's beliefs, and in that case such evidence overrides the justification for those beliefs.
What has happened in this case is that you have come to doubt whether you have evidence one way or the other.