have implications for

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As well as having implications in sport, researchers believe the current results could have implications for both skill learning and movement rehabilitation following neurological conditions, since it demonstrates that any immediately preceding movement needs to be consistent to achieve fast learning.
Since reading is an ability that can be improved, our findings have implications for reading instruction," according to Stuart J.
This might have implications for folks exposed to asbestos not like the type we've seen in Libby," says coauthor Theodore Larson of the federal Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry in Atlanta.
The Marin study finds that even these "more acceptable" nonsexual relationships have implications for later sexual behaviors.
African Philosophy focuses on an exciting set of interrelated metaphysical issues: the nature of ontological commitments in African thought systems, whether these commitments are rooted in the supernatural or empirical, and whether they have implications for human values.
The ethicists also suggest that extensions of minimal genome research, by specifying the genetic definition of the human organism and its beginnings in utero, will have implications for the abortion debate.
As stated earlier, the distinction between being HIV-infected and having a diagnosis of AIDS may have implications for the kinds of medical and social services people receive.
Along with its successful management techniques, Nelson Metal Products' swift response to customer demand may also have implications for the casting industry.
These findings, as the researchers remark, may have implications for the design of faith-based initiatives to prevent STDs among young people.
Taken together, these research findings have implications for programs that are designed to reduce high-risk behaviors among adolescents.