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LHP: If you were talking to a young couple with children who didn't have life insurance, what would you say to them?
According to the latest research - conducted by YouGov on behalf of FPI - 58 per cent of the 503 respondents do not have life insurance in place, compared with 48 per cent who said they did not have life or critical illness insurance in last year's survey.
"That would make it much more likely that there are other places in the universe that also have life," he added.
You may already have life cover taken out with a mortgage or through work, but if not, taking out such a policy could be a good idea.
Of the people surveyed who do not currently have life protection cover, 32% think insurance policies are too expensive, while 31% do not think they need life protection yet.
Those who already have life insurance should double check their policy to find out what they may be entitled to, say experts at Confused.com, as there may be extras the customer was not aware of.

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