have misgivings

See: doubt, mistrust
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To what degree do individuals who have misgivings about taking chances in relationships but go ahead anyway?
While I have admired some of Mr Wallinger's work and thought that his Ecce Homo was the best piece to adorn the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square, I have misgivings over the installation he is about to exhibit in the National Gallery, London, as part of the Cultural Olympiad's London 2012 Festival.
Even if you were twice your age, I'd have misgivings.
I have grave misgivings about John Kerry, but I certainly don't have misgivings about Kerry that equal the terror I have about another four years of Bush.
Ireland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom are more concerned about having a "board that operates smoothly" and therefore have misgivings about a higher number of members.
In particular I have misgivings about Smith's perception of the response to works of art, an admittedly vexed problem that nevertheless holds special implication for the fraught climate of the later German Renaissance.
Some West Angeles parishioners have misgivings about having so much of their offerings spent on computers.
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