have no objection

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Speaking at the occasion, advocate Leela Ram said that he and his party would have no objection to the land acquisition process when done within the legal boundaries.
I have no objection to the ground itself, in fact, I bought my house about four years ago with my eyes open knowing that a lovely cricket ground is next door.
I, as a resident, have no objections to the cricket ground or to the cricket that is played there but I do have objections to the massive restructuring programme Mr Povey and his crew are proposing.
That Felicity, when I reflected on it, has induc'd me sometimes to say, that were it offer'd to my Choice, I should have no Objection to a Repetition of the same Life from its Beginning, only asking the Advantage Authors have in a second Edition to correct some Faults of the first.
I have no objection to the idea of businesses managed, but not owned, by African Americans, nor to firms in which African Americans have a less-than-majority stake.
Respondents in the Western states--Washington, Oregon, California, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Nevada--were most accepting of new facilities, with 92 percent saying they'd have no objections.