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KEITH DONOGHUE will miss the rest of the year after having an eye operation following an accident while out hunting, writes Johnny Ward.
For us men, as we age, we go from stud, to ladies' man, to having an eye for the ladies and then to dirty old man
Is it a matter of having an eye for detail, or are we being so ignorant that we fail to notice some things?
Liverpool have scored in the first half of 33 of their 35 league games this season so I would put no one off taking the 7-5 for the Mersey men to be leading at both half-time and full-time at Anfield today, especially with Chelsea having an eye on the Champions League semi-final.
Trinidad, Nov 1 ( ANI ): West Indies batsman Darren Bravo has said that he valued the half-century he scored against Uttar Pradesh in a warm-up match on the India tour because it was his first red-ball competitive match since having an eye surgery this year.
However, the study also showed there was a big difference in knowledge about the longterm benefits of having an eye test between those from wealthier backgrounds and the more disadvantaged.
Saving your sight could be as simple as having an eye test.

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