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I regret having done what I did and want to publicly ask for forgiveness, firstly of my team-mates, who were forced into a greater effort during more than 60 minutes, secondly of my manager and coaches, and thirdly of the United fans.
The Old Bexley and Sidcup MP was severely reprimanded by Commons authorities following allegations that he paid two sons from the public purse despite their having done little apparent work.
TEENAGERS from a Coventry secondary school who went on a ski trip went from hardly having done any skiing to tackling the steepest slopes.
If my players come off the pitch having done Plymouth proud then I'll be happy whatever the outcome.
It came during the National Cathedral service, when Henry Kissinger praised Ford for having done such a great job of rescuing our South Vietnamese friends when we fled Saigon in 1975.
It was a very complex process to actually deal in the frame of Celtic Frost again after 10 odd years of not having done anything together and having lived utterly separate lives.
Having done that, I do believe Michael intercedes and offers cosmic defense of the Christian kind against the darkness of our times.
Having done everything he could to hurt the Latino community who rejected him then, he is now trying to garner their vote for his re-election by forming a new coalition of Latino supporters; his only aim, of course, is re-election.
In addition, 73 percent of teens who had taken a virginity pledge later denied having done so and a third of respondents who had admitted to being sexually active later insisted they were virgins simply because they had taken a pledge.
Too often, there is a tendency not to want to admit to making a mistake or of having done something wrong.
I do not see myself better than other Anglicans for having done so.