having force

See: forcible
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Tenders are invited for Tenders Are Invited For The Storespneumatic Ball Vibrator Having Force Of Minium 2050 N/1720N At A Minium Frequency Of 14000/16500 Vibrations Per Minute Consumping Minium 425/340 Lpm Of Free Air At 6 Bar Air Supply (02 Items)
The Naxal leadership has passed orders down their Dalams not to waste resources on this highly trained force having force multiplier dogs by laying futile ambushes.
The rebel faction of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM-IO) led by former vice president, Riek Machar, said having forces around the South Sudanese capital, Juba, but could not claim responsibility for the recent attack on Juba-Kajokeji road.
Saudi FM Saud al-Faisal Oct 13 accused Tehran of having forces inside Syria, Iraq and Yemen, and insisted Iran was "part of the problem" in trying to defuse a myriad Middle East crises.
a legal basis for having forces in Afghanistan after 2014.
So having forces in Iraq -- at the level they're at --don't allow us to fill the need that we have in Afghanistan, the US joint chief of staff said.
It has to be about having forces with the characteristics and capabilities that are ready to go when the Air Force needs them.
This requirements-capabilities gap could, if allowed to persist, ultimately defeat NATO's objectives of having forces able to operate together across the entire spectrum of combat capabilities and to prevail decisively with minimum casualties," Mr Coffman said.
Usefully, Carol Christ gives some of the more important changes from the manuscript in her footnotes to the text: for example, the description of Mrs Moss in Book First, Chapter VIII, as 'a patient, loosely-hung, child-producing woman' in the manuscript, toned down for publication at the publisher John Blackwood's request, and the sentence in Book Third, Chapter V about Maggie having forces within her 'which will make a way for themselves, often in a shattering, violent manner'.
Only 18 percent think that having forces in Afghanistan makes Britain a safer place with three in five who disagree (60 percent).
There has been growing frustration among members of the US-led coalition being assembled against IS at the reluctance of Turkey to intervene, despite having forces positioned on the border.