having integrity

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The emphasis was always on having the right values, on always giving your best and having integrity in what you do.
The 5 thinking principles are defined as follows: 1) Sufficiency: living a rational life, thinking carefully, not harming self, society, and environment; 2) Discipline: adhering to own duties, integrity, ethics, and abiding by laws; 3) Honesty: having integrity, upholding truths, righteousness, and justice; 4) Public consciousness: caring for society, volunteering for public interests; and 5) Responsibility: being responsible for what have been said and done, for self, family, and society.
Thomas Aquinas and adhered to Aquinas' concept of beauty as having integrity, proportion and clarity.
Each and every day we change people's lives, by what we achieve, what we say and who we are; by behaving in an Everton way, by having integrity, by being innovative, through being inclusive.
Sales is about earning trust and respect, it's about being consistent and having integrity.
Having integrity, being honest, and showing loyalty.
Muneer who is also patron-in-chief of United Business Group (UBG) the largest alliance of chambers in the country enjoying 80 percent overwhelming majority in FPCCI, told on Saturday that the best of the best dedicated candidates having integrity, especially the educated youth, have been fielded with consensus in a democratic manner, he added.
In spite of, on the face of it, Ed Miliband having integrity, which no-one could credit Blair and his cronies with to regain the trust of the electorate.
Rightly or wrongly, the region sometimes gets accused of having integrity issues," he said.
McClaren's departure doesn't necessarily look that good on his CV, but fair play to him for having integrity and sticking to his guns.
Having integrity means acting out of moral principle and doing what is right, even if there are negative consequences.
Among the most achievable is the matter of having integrity, the justice of equal opportunity, and the symbolism of participation in decision-making, even though the choice in Egypt is one of worse and even worse.