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However, Ms Bahlool admits to having moments of frustration in the kitchen and having absolutely no experience when she started out.
There was a lot of talk about making it feel like a hotel lobby and having moments in the space that are a surprise, where you might walk into a space and have it feel very different than anything else.
People often think that being busy keeps your energy up, but pacing yourself carefully and having moments of calm are how you truly reenergize.
Through mentors and advisers, I have learned that leadership means working hard, sacrificing, staying focused, being coachable when needed and having moments of failure that require a new strategy.
When I was making Hebburn it was such an intense experience, taking a whole film crew back to my hometown and trying to capture a show that was upbeat as well as having moments of pathos.
It was really tough and exhausting, spending so long in the saddle every day, but it was fantastic and we're delighted to have done so well," said Killoran who, having moments earlier been reunited with his mobile phone, found it packed with congratulatory text messages.
The novel is filled with characters having moments at a tube stop.

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