having multiple wives

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And he said that having multiple wives was more than just sex, but was a "bond between two consenting adults for life".
Unlike other forms of Islam, it embraced reincarnation, allowed women to become religious leaders, banned men from having multiple wives and did not mandate prayer at set times or places.
Heru quoted the "senior rabbi at Congregation Beit Simchat Torah in New York" as saying that "polyamory is a choice that does not preclude a Jewishly observant, socially conscious life" and supporting that position by referring to the "biblical patriarchs having multiple wives and concubines as evidence that polyamorous relationships can be sacred in Judaism" (Clinical Psychiatry News, "Families in Psychiatry: The institution of marriage--Part II," February 2014, p.
In biblical times, the benefits to a man of having multiple wives were obvious and many.
The brave Cork native has also told his significant other how he dreams of having multiple wives and how he cannot wait for the day his daughter turns 19 so he can date her friends.
In a society where having multiple wives was permissible, Sami said that a second wife is not good for the marriage and the children, "although he reluctantly accepted the possibility of a second wife if the first could not produce the children and if the first wife gave her permission," Gawrych said.
I'm opposed to one guy having multiple wives and calling that marriage.
But, by 1846,their Prophet Joseph Smith was dead, martyred by a Mississippi mob after he shut down a newspaper which accused him of having multiple wives, and the Mormons headed west.
eIuI wrote that from King Rama, and I didneIUt say which King Rama, to the Crown Prince, Thai men are well-known for having multiple wives and concubines for entertainment,eIN the 41-year-old said at the time of his arrest.
Our fixation on sex whether it be sexual orientation, ordaining women, or having multiple wives differs in different parts of the world.
Contrary to popular belief, having multiple wives, infertility and marrying a relative were not some of the major reasons for divorce as far as we have seen," he said.
Some polyamorous Jews also point to biblical patriarchs having multiple wives and concubines as evidence that polyamorous relationships can be sacred in Judaism.

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