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Van Gaal is confident they will gaal is confident they will V get through Saturday's last-eight clash in Salvador, but laughed off suggestions that the Dutch are feeling under pressure given Costa Rica are seen as having nothing to lose.
Having nothing to lose they threw the ball about and their two Kiwi bacKs impressed though YM defended well, but the Malton forwards were determined to get something for their hard worK as they battered away at the YM line, and scrum half Boyle managed to picK up the ball as it squirted from the side of the RUCK and dab it down.
In the Champions League, we are often underdogs and it's nice for us to go out with a feeling of having nothing to lose.
It''s no coincidence that many of Everton''s best performances this season have come when the pressure has been off and the players have enjoyed the freedom of having nothing to lose, such as when coming from behind to thrillingly beat both Chelsea and Manchester United.
It's great getting older and having nothing to lose," I whispered.
It was a case of having nothing to lose, so I just went on and tried to make a difference.
Far from having nothing to lose, tenants will end up feeding fat cat London consultants and lawyers a fortune.
The two trials were inconclusive as nothing made ground from behind, but chief stipe John Schreck says: "It may end up being a case of having nothing to lose by trying it.
But with the Panthers having nothing to lose, the Saracens will be expecting to find themselves under pressure early on - and how they handle that could help determine the final outcome.