having priority

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Conwy Valley councillor Goronwy Edwards said: "Many residents have endured massive disruption and public safety issues that come when development is allowed without appropriate infrastructure improvements having priority.
In addition, the FDA has classified the NDA as having Priority Review status.
000% Senior Secured Notes due 2018 issued by CEMEX (the 2018 CEMEX Dollar Notes ), with the 2020 CEMEX EspaEa Dollar Notes having priority, and the remainder, if any, for general corporate purposes, including the repayment of indebtedness.
We no longer had priority over other train operators, therefore Southern began to put their own trains first, having priority over the Gatwick Express.
What's the point of having priority to purchase when (companies don't) even provide sufficient phones for us?
Both hold for the intentionality of consciousness, the bodily inhabitance of a common world having priority over a sovereign consciousness, the founding role of language in the life-world, the distinction between the art-product and the working of art upon its audience, the founding role of poetry, and the way a sense of the whole can open up in the working of art.
After all, a traveller to a European country or any other country in the world for that matter, would not come across road signage and markings with English having priority over the native language.
In fact, despite having priority problems as a stagnant economy for the lack of tourists and unemployment which rose from 13.
The priority in which Shares of each class will be purchased at the relevant Strike Price will be determined by the Discount Level at which they are tendered, with Shares tendered at a higher Discount Level having priority over Shares tendered at a lower Discount Level in any particular class and with any excess at the relevant Strike Price being purchased from Shareholders pro rata to the number of Shares tendered at the relevant Strike Price.
Any remaining will go on general sale, with fans who bought tickets for City's next home fixture, against Bristol City on Saturday, September 15, having priority.
It would have been helpful for Sen to provide a more complex analysis of when and how we are right to take some forms of identity as having priority over other forms.
Half of all people who are assessed as having priority access for housing, including those who are homeless, will have to wait more than three months to get access to a property.