having resistance

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One recorded case is the death of the famous lioness 'Elsa', who died in the Meru National Park after fighting with other lions and then, having a weakening immunity, became infected with tick bite fever due to not having resistance to the babesia leo parasite.
In addition to that, the development of much-needed improved seed varieties having resistance to drought is still a wishful thinking as the level of research and technology is very poor in the country.
In vivo researches of TDF also showed strong inhibition of HBV DNA replication in treatment-naive or treatment-experienced patients having resistance to other kinds of NAs, and to some extent, TDF can prevent the progression of hepatic fibrosis and cirrhosis.
1 Or Latest, Classification-1 Of Table 1, Design- A Of Figure 1, Black Upper Leather, Out Sole Made Of Polyurethane Having Resistance To Acid, Alkali, Oil And Water, Without Nail.
However, in recent years, there have been reports of strains of malaria having resistance to even the relatively new artemisinin medicines.
Three of the genotypes 97086, CM562/05 and CM526/05 which were found resistant with conventional methods were also found having resistance alleles with all the four markers used.
He said the institute had helped in protecting wheat diseases, contributing to ensure food security, sharing rust data, curtailing Ug99, collecting and testing wheat diseases samples, genetic stock analysis to identify gene having resistance.
By virtue of this initiative, farmers would be able to get wheat seed having resistance against Rust next year, the release said.
Farmers should select varieties having resistance against salinity.
This is an Andean cultivar having resistance alleles to anthracnose and to the angular leaf spot (ALZATE-MARIN et al., 2003; CAIXETA et al., 2005).This cultivar still has great chances of also having resistance alleles to white mold according to the mean score obtained, of light wilt symptom that characterizes disease resistance.
Kaplan Meier curve has been performed to see probability of not having resistance to lamivudine at different points of months.

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