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The Wolverhampton venue are a little peeved that, in not only failing to build on their fine Supertrack start at Nottingham, but also losing ground when having the advantage of holding their home leg to leave them with the hard task of only starting on l evel points when they go to Belle Vue for the decider of the heat on Tuesday week.
In addition to customers having the advantage to view and pay bills anytime online, Toronto Hydro will lower its costs for bill print, postage and inserts; incur fewer late payments and speed up the billing/payment cycle; and reduce the number of routine bill inquiries from customers to the call center.
Bogus self-employment is bad news for staff because they miss out on vital rights at work, such as paid holidays and employer pension contributions, without having the advantage of being their own boss.
United looked like having the advantage of playing the final 25 minutes against ten men as the visitors had Danny Julienne sent off for a second caution of the afternoon but just 120 seconds later Levi Ramsay picked up a straight red for a tackle on Piwonski.
With Moseley having the advantage of a bigger squad than Bees it is a chance for Smith to rotate a few players.
And I guess having the advantage of being in the team, say in Cameron Shepherd's case, is an advantage for him.
My husband has worked in the racing industry for the last 20 years and, although having the advantage of having had a professional
Our aim is to get a student funding system in place which ensures that no student is put off having the advantage of a higher education on the fear of cost of that education.
I don't see Hart having the advantage at all,'' Finnerty said.
Also, by having the advantage of an improved capability to process customer claims, inquiries and account information, clients can expect an overall improvement in productivity, and the opportunity to reduce their overall cost of providing service.