having the right

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References in classic literature ?
"Listen; I am the only man in the world having the right to say to you, `Morrel, your father's son shall not die to-day;'" and Monte Cristo, with an expression of majesty and sublimity, advanced with arms folded toward the young man, who, involuntarily overcome by the commanding manner of this man, recoiled a step.
This consisted in having the right hand and the left foot most elaborately tattooed; whilst the rest of the body was wholly free from the operation of the art, with the exception of the minutely dotted lips and slight marks on the shoulders, to which I have previously referred as comprising the sole tattooing exhibited by Fayaway, in common with other young girls of her age.
Summary: Democrats dressed in white to celebrate 100 years of women having the right to vote
In terms of having the right tools to reach this year's revenue targets, 53% of respondents agreed that that they would require access to new regional international markets.
Having the right Assets or resources is another essential requirement to help the business suc-ceed.
Each family having the right to such a mortgage loan can use it only once.
Research carried out by Canderel, a sugar substitute, also discovered 30% of females admit to not having the right support.
HALIFAX Home Insurance is reminding festival-goers of the importance of having the right level of cover in place for items outside the home.
This networking web in the music industry would entail getting the right recording studio and music producers to mould their craft, getting a good manager to handle all their logistics, dressing appropriately all the time and having the right contact at radio and television stations as well as the print media to push their music content.
"The landowner is more concerned about having the right person than having the right money," said chartered surveyor Clare Williams of agents Roger Parry & Partners.
The issuance has a tenor of 10 years with the bank having the right to call the Sukuk at the end of the fifth year.
Contract notice: Provision Of Gift Vouchers For The Right Opening And Having The Right Casdec