having violated the law

See: culpable
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The hospital denied having violated the law but settled to avoid further litigation expenses.
The goal of the fines, he added, is not to impact the firms' performance but to be a warning to those having violated the law that they should change and continue operating abiding by the law.
Like a tax honesty advocate who argues that he has no taxable income in a technical sense, the IRS is now making difficult-to-believe claims to avoid providing evidence that might prove them liable for having violated the law.
FAS of RF announced Sollers, UAZ and Distribution Center of UAZ having violated the law on protecting competition for coordination of prices at trade.
Moreover, I do not recall that any Arab leader in modern times ever transferred one of his sons or relatives to trial on charges of corruption or for having violated the law, as it was done by Sirleaf
Nova, headquartered in Osaka with a total of about 480,000 students, is suspected of having violated the law aimed at consumer protection in fields such as education, beauty services and arranged marriages.
One of the accused was a respected jurist who, though he did not support the German regime at the time, sentenced a Jew to death for having violated the Law far the Protection of German Blood and German Honour in having an intimate relationship with an Aryan woman.