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Where you have wrecked all havoc, why should I voice any more concern?
CJP Nisar said the court will order closure of the factories in the area if they found to be playing havoc with environment and health of the people.
com/2017/06/25/kendrick-lamar-havoc-lil-kim-honor-prodigy-bet-awards/) Awards June 25, Havoc and New York-based rapper Lil Kim paid tribute to Prodigy with a performance.
Consequently, that havoc is used by the mainstream media to generate or revive Islamophobia and distract the international community from ongoing land thefts and the appalling apartheid system adopted by Israel.
Lockheed Martin s Havoc 8x8 Armored Modular Vehicle successfully completed the Nevada Automotive Test Center s challenging Butte Mountain Trail course, one of the most severe off-road test tracks in the world.
Stating that he has never seen such a flood since he came to power, Gogoi added, "Such a flood, such havoc is causing so much hardship and suffering to a large number of people.
Damascus, (SANA) The Syrian Consulting Center for Studies and Human rights urged the world states to adopt a firm stance to put an end to the supporters of the terrorist groups which are wrecking havoc in Syria and Iraq and to activate the international law, especially in the field of combating terrorism.
And as a result of what we've seen this week, I expect us to go over to Widnes tonight and cause havoc.
Havoc sent us audience members feeling our way one by one through a giant womb-like plastic maze, past a sonic wall of throbbing rock music, into small-group encounters with actors and each other--to what purpose or in service of what storyline I no longer remember.
The Berkley Havoc Subwoofer is a mix of speed worm and minnow bait.
Summary: The Environment Agency has issued 71 flood warnings and 165 flood alerts across England and Wales, as heavy rain continues to wreak havoc.
For more than three decades Havoc has been bringing racing fans hair-raising, shocking and often hilarious mishaps from around the world.