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Then he lit a cigarette and smoked it in ruminant manner; eventually he took out a notebook and wrote down various phrases, numbering and renumbering them till they stood in the following order: "(1) Squire Hawker disliked his first wife.
I don't quite know how we stand with the law about that old Hawker story, but my chief object is to prevent England being entirely ruled by people like you.
But it was Squire Hawker who sat where you sit and it was you who stood where I stand.
Are you only a servant, perhaps, that rather sinister old servant who was butler to Hawker and Verner?
Squire Hawker played both the bigamist and the bandit.
It was a bronze coin, and the colour, combined with the exact curve of the Roman nose and something in the very lift of the long, wiry neck, made the head of Caesar on it the almost precise portrait of Philip Hawker.
The Australian chap did know that Hawker wanted the coin.
this Hawker hears his love insulted, but doesn't strike till he's got to the soft sand-hills, where he can be victor in a mere sham-fight.
Miss Carstairs," said Hawker without ceremony, "wouldn't go in till you came.
Taking a latchkey from the girl and the coin from Hawker, Flambeau let himself and his friend into the empty house and passed into the outer parlour.
Kolkata: A vegetable hawker was beheaded by a male customer allegedly following an altercation over vegetable prices in Belpahari area in West Bengal's West Midnapore district on Sunday.
Former merchant seaman Captain David Hawker will be working at the waterfront, sketching and painting the events as they unfold.