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HAWKERS. Persons going from place to place with goods and merchandise for sale. To prevent impositions they are generally required to take out licenses, under regulations established by the local laws of the states.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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(11.) This Tamil Muslim rice dish usually served with two types of curries was traditionally sold out of two baskets hanging from a pole slung over the hawker's shoulder.
But following the recent killing of a street hawker by a car, the government has now introducced new laws designed to bring to an end the practice.Those who break it, risk up to six months in prison.
Kolkata: A vegetable hawker was beheaded by a male customer allegedly following an altercation over vegetable prices in Belpahari area in West Bengal's West Midnapore district on Sunday.
Former merchant seaman Captain David Hawker will be working at the waterfront, sketching and painting the events as they unfold.
Hawker purchased 100 percent of the TEG shares by issuing three million shares of Hawker's common stock and a five-year warrant to purchase up to an additional five million shares of its common stock for USD0.25 per share.
The new Hawker LifeTech Modular and Hawker Life IQ Modular high-frequency battery chargers from ENERSYS are said to deliver increased flexibility, efficiency and reliability with reduced downtime, costs and carbon footprint across a wide range of materials handling, automatic guided vehicle and motive power applications.
HAWKER Pacific, a leading aircraft sales and product support company in Asia, Pacific and the Middle East, has partnered with Aero Dynamix to create an additional Aero Dynamix international repair station in Dubai, UAE.
There's definitely been a push to replace the old, electrolyte batteries with the Hawker absorbed glass mat battery, NSN 6140-01-485-1472.
Linda Hawker wants another inquiry into the high-speed crash which claimed the lives of her son, Daniel Atkinson, and his friend Jade Rice in Hudders-eld.
THE family of murdered British teacher Lindsay Hawker have branded a film that depicts her killer's years on the run as "distasteful and an insult".
A FILM about how the killer of Coventry teacher Lindsay Hawker evaded justice will be released in Japan next week.
Indiana USA-based air charter firm Travel Management Co said it has completed the activation of ATG 2000 systems providing Gogo Biz (NASDAQ: GOGO) in-flight Internet service for their Hawker 400XP fleet.