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A machine in the mould of his hawklike mentor, who somehow manages to remain calm and expressionless when, back home, an entire nation is roughcasting the TV screen with its morning cornflakes.
Physically, he was taller than average, dour and hawklike, and he stared suspiciously about him as Caesar must have done just before the events of that busy day in mid-March long ago.
With her beady blue eyes and hawklike nose, the widow was constantly being reminded of her resemblance to the monarch.
The NCOIC, Deficiency Analysis opened the meeting by saying something like, "Aircraft 330 had a ground abort for a leaking brake," upon which Murphy would look right at me with hawklike eyes and ask why.
His audience was an old guy too, thin and hawklike, with tufts of gray hair that stuck out on either side of his baseball cap and a drawl that stretched out his acknowledgments to the pace of the train.
With powder or potion or the calming breeze of his hawklike wings, Hypnos, god of sleep, cast the spell of slumber.
After cracking out and finding only Romeo Maldini - almost Westmead Hawklike that night - too strong on April 15, he dipped inside Wimbledon's 460-metre record when burning up the track in 27.
The hawklike head turned from the window to me for once.
I pivoted on my heel, looked up in alarm and found myself gazing straight into the hawklike beak and sinister yellow eyes of the largest owl I have ever seen, perched on a branch little more than 10 feet overhead.