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After cracking out and finding only Romeo Maldini - almost Westmead Hawklike that night - too strong on April 15, he dipped inside Wimbledon's 460-metre record when burning up the track in 27.
The hawklike head turned from the window to me for once.
I pivoted on my heel, looked up in alarm and found myself gazing straight into the hawklike beak and sinister yellow eyes of the largest owl I have ever seen, perched on a branch little more than 10 feet overhead.
Her face began to change--first into the look of being hit which I had once seen when she had been with the man (her man; I felt as if I were standing in for him; this other man was obviously her husband) but then into something hawklike, almost predatory; her top lip lengthening into that of a Red Indian.
wore a stern brooding look that her small curved nose made almost hawklike.