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Gary Collison's Shadrack Minkins treats a hazier figure, more indistinct than David Walker, and necessarily abounds in even more speculation.
In the East and Southeast, the problem is a little hazier, like the air itself.
But it's nice to have a close fit for the hazier sunny days.
24) The London Times noted that with this revelation "We get a hazier picture of his life--but then it seems to be a hazy life.
I did not want, was not capable of, journalistic accuracy, I was interested in something a lot hazier, yet composed of razor sharp details, splinters of fact.
It is, you will surely agree, a boundary that has of late become hazier and perhaps a tad more disputable.
Some of this is inevitable--ARPA's mission is hazier and more politicized than DARPA's.
As lines between professions become hazier and business problems overlap many areas of expertise, it's best to be prepared.
As time progressed, PCs made tremendous gains in processing power and speed, making the distinction between mainframes, minicomputers, and microcomputers hazier and more difficult to define.
With increasing populations, hazier jurisdictional lines, and increasing emphasis on homeland security and fighting terrorism, the agency consortium realized that they needed to dramatically enhance communication internally and with neighboring agencies.
Wapping's Three Queens is a hoppier and hazier affair, but still very drinkable at 4.
It has long been observed that qualities that make counselors effective with their clients--such as empathy, compassion, and caring--may also leave them vulnerable to such negative outcomes as compassion fatigue and burnout (Figley, 1995; Lawson, Venart, Hazier, & Kottler, 2007; Pines & Maslach, 1978).