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To be fair to the poor man, he had only the haziest idea what I was talking about, this being some 10 years ago when we were all a lot less worldly around here.
With only the haziest of memories of the country's brutal civil war, they are unafraid to challenge an oppressive regime, unlike their parents.
We also come away from Goh Beng Lan's book, with its very welcome locally-grounded intellectual biographies of Southeast Asian scholars, with only the haziest notion of what the major defining characteristics of Southeast Asia as a region are from local perspectives, what the local emergent models and alternative perceptions and visions of Area studies generated by these biographies might look like, and whether or not Southeast Asian Studies as a language-based multi- or interdisciplinary field of scholarly endeavour focused on a socio-culturally, symbolically, historically, geographically, or politically defined region of the globe is a useful and viable mode of enquiry to help address the issues which the contributors to the volume raise.
I picked up on this early, although I had the haziest notion of what it all meant.
Despite being a full time political operative, he had only the haziest outline of what was happening at the top of his party.
most had no idea what the terrain was, no backwoods skills, and only the haziest notion of how to pan for gold.
107) The fact that the Supreme Court recognized in Hickman that one of the haziest frontiers of the discovery process is the distinction between discoverable business documents and protected work product documents seems to indicate that the Supreme Court understood the possibility that business documents could contain work product which would be undiscoverable.
Laurel Thatcher Ulrich is present in the story she tells, sharing how she pieced together the labyrinthine social relationships of Colonial New England from the haziest of references; how she immersed herself in the world of herbal medicine to decode cryptic allusions to traditional remedies; how, in order to understand the work of Martha's husband, Ephraim, she had to learn about the working of sawmills in the 18th and 19th centuries.
The haziest of white-collar crimes, honest services fraud has long been a kind of catchall for prosecutors, a case they could make whenever something more objective might not stick on its own.
I don't know who is or isn't a member of the IFE, and I have only the haziest knowledge of what they stand for, but the organisation has never approached me for help or attempted to influence me.
But the final goal was hazy, haziest perhaps in the mind of the supreme actor, Mustafa Kemal Pasha.
And if God and Jesus were responsible for that change, then he thanked them, though he had only the haziest idea of their form.