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WE dressed up for all this; the girls in their tall black hats and red plaid skirts and shawls and we boys, there being no real defined national costume for our sex, hazily Welshified by addition of our granddads' 'Dai caps', a scarf and waistcoat and little green and white felt leeks on our lapels that we had made for ourselves in class, held together with glue and a safety pin.
Colin says: "Great sharp focus of Miss Layla the witch here by Grahame, with Liverpool waterfront hazily in the background.
They just did what they creatively pleased until they arrived at a penultimate reprise of the title track, which seemed to end the record, but which then hazily drifted into the dreamscapes of "A Day in The Life.
Its motivation is carnal; its depiction neither elides the reality of genitalia, their necessary upkeep and their pleasures, nor succumbs to the sordid romance of the hazily rendered supine nude.
So it was that as they looked at their dead father, the boy broke into a sob; the six-year-old girl stared hazily, mouth agape, neither a word nor a tear in her eyes; and the youngest, the three-year-old girl, a smirk on her face, admonishingly calling out to her father in a lilting voice:
Consequently, performances of plays were only hazily conceived as commodities; only in the 1590s and after were they more consistently understood as experiences that players sold to playgoers.
Why, then, should it be the exception, or something to hazily aim for in film and TV?
Charalambous remembers the days that followed only hazily.
I hazily recall it being about some bloke who is obsessed with communal living.
Until then, Sickert had been producing hazily elegant studies in the style of his teacher, Whistler.
At least that's how I feel the audience selection process for the annual CBB reveal always plays out, the assembled lynch mob-in-waiting stamping their hooves and braying in indignant confusion each time a hazily familiar face is yanked from the dole queue or the provincial panto circuit to remind the nation exactly why we binned them off in the first place.
Ransone plays his paranormal crusader with equal notes of "The Naked Gun's" Frank Drebin and "Scooby-Doo's" Shaggy, and his quick romantic subplot with Courtney is so hazily sketched it almost feels like an inside joke.