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Since this brick box above Fopp was converted into a restaurant around a decade ago,it has been La Vallee Blanche (with, I hazily remember, a French ski lodge vibe), Sorrento and Cafe Russo.
The Phoenix force itself is left unexplored and hazily defined, essentially the outer space equivalent of a killer shark on the prowl or a demon looking for a soul to possess.
Perot blew his chances when he petulantly pulled out of the race in July and then re-entered it in October, blaming his withdrawal on a hazily sketched GOP plot against him.
But analyst Juraj Marusiak cautioned that both "their programmes were formulated within vague contours, so they can also bring great disappointment." "Caputova, like Macron, is a symbol of a very hazily defined hope." IT technician Oliver Strycek said Caputova's lack of political experience was refreshing.
As it has done before, the Duterte administration has illegally shifted the burden of proof from the government to the hazily, lazily, haphazardly accused.
It is so hazily mixed and we continue to punch ourselves over leaders who brought us to this sorry impasse.
For at least one hour after the movie, I for one, felt myself walking hazily and disturbed; both fascinated and disgusted at what I'd seen.
In fact, Ondaatje produced perhaps the novel of the year -- and his career -- with Warlight: a hazily meditative fiction about the difficulty of ever knowing the truth of one's own life, set partly in the shadow of the Second World War.
His past is sketched quite hazily, which is a reality for many who lived at the camp since those there usually chose not to share their past experiences, some finding it too traumatic to do so.
With his OFW earnings, he was able to purchase his first camera, which he hazily recalls as a Canon 1000D.
She hazily remembers the plane flying her exclusive school's fencing squad to Japan crashing, but has no idea when or where this occurred.