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The size of the voids in the film increases as a result of stretching and cause more haziness in the films.
His initial chest radiograph showed mild haziness bilaterally.
In cats with cataracts, a haziness or cloudiness of the lens may be evident in the later stages of the condition.
X-ray Paranasal sinus (PNS) view reveled haziness of maxillary sinus and right maxilla.
It's abstract because of the haziness of memory [but] the work that I do is related to [concrete] motifs.
In a fair-sized amateur telescope, M4 grows into a large and beautiful patch of glowing haziness glittering with innumerable star-points.
On radiographic examination, paranasal sinus view showed haziness of left maxillary sinus (Figure 2).
Use a torch or direct ophthalmoscope to examine the cornea and note any haziness of the cornea, foreign bodies, or abnormalities of the pupil shape.
The reason for this haziness is that there is no clear way to resolve the crisis and to avoid the civil war that the army so candidly (and rightfully) warned against.
The predicted haziness and reduced visibility has settled again over the city, with northwesterly winds, which may reach 55 km/hr, continuing to blow dust and sand over the region.
Joe - Here the haziness of certain scenes might be designed to fudge reality, but some might find the effect to be overdone.
The circulated image of a locomotive, cleared up any haziness surrounding the project and turned the focus of the country's big business players to a future that includes a railway network.