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SPRINGFIELD - Change is afoot at the city library, where a new director is being sought to replace longtime department head Bob Russell, who resigned his post in November.
National Association of Chain Drug Stores interim head Bob Hannan applauds Congress for "standing by us to preserve beneficiaries' choice and access to community pharmacy.
When I saw the photo on the head bob, I still wasn't sure.
Terry and Bob were not technologists," says an industry insider, referring to Semel's co-studio head Bob Daly who left at the same time.
Premier head Bob Dover said: "Warwick Manufacturing Group is one of the invaluable partners delivering not just a centre of excellence for technology transfer, but also the right people - a stream of first-rate, outstanding engineers whose skills help keep the industry at the forefront of technology.
Among the key climbers was Viacom, which saw new head Bob Bakish address NATPE 2017 attendees Wednesday in his first major appearance as CEO.
A few weeks ago, Top Rank head Bob Arum was in high spirits after getting good vibes about staging Donaire's shot at Quigg's World Boxing Association 122-lb crown in Quigg's hometown of Manchester, England.
When threatening foes come along, male brown anoles, Anolis sagrei, tone down the swaggering head bob that says "come hither" to females and "get lost" to other males, reports David Steinberg of Duke University and colleagues May 19 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
Also asked by politicians to comment on the Independent Commission on Banking's reform proposals, Barclays's head Bob Diamond said the cost for the group would be at least GBP1bn (USD1.