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The Gentle Leader is the only one of all head collars that has a calming influence.
Inspector Proctor called a vet who discovered Raspy was wearing not one but two head collars which were embedded into his skin.
While there are many different varieties and brands of head collars, they all function by moving the point of attachment from the dog's neck to the dog's head.
Some dogs do try to scratch or rub them off but they get used to them in time.The Gentle Leader is the only head collar that has a calming influence.
by Myrrha Stanford-Smith He reached to unfasten the head collar and found his fingers were still clenched round the coins in his hand.
A catalogue of cruelty that shocked animal protection agencies included one donkey with a head collar that was so tight it cut into the animal's skin.
He is still scared of people he doesn't know and worries when you go in the stable to do anything with him, such as to change his rug or put on his head collar.
He mixes with other dogs and walks well using a head collar. Bruno deserves the chance of a loving home.
She stood close to two animals and had managed to get the head collar on one and attach a lead rope.
You also need a head collar or harness to give you more leverage in controlling such a big dog.
The other is a chestnut colour, is 12 hands tall, and was wearing a head collar.
McMurray now walks his dogs with a head collar – but it does not restrict their mouth.