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02 ( ANI ): FIFA has reportedly lifted the ban and officially authorized the wearing of head covers for religious reasons during football matches, after two-years of trial
She said the unforgettable experience made her faith stronger, and when she was elected party-list representative, she openly declared the wearing of the head cover or scarf by women as her political statement and that Muslim women should not be ashamed of it.
The Clinell Universal Mop Head Cover is a new a single universal product to clean and disinfect floors and walls in one easy step.
Women in the Gulf Arab state are not obliged by law to wear head covers although many do.
We wanted to create a head cover that is not only a nice accessory but also a healthy option," Widodo told Reuters.
Vertigo is available in Scent-Lok's new All Weather Jacket, All Weather Pants, and Head Cover.
The engine may become impossible to start, as material for the cable's protection tube is not strong enough to withstand heat from the engine's cylinder head cover, causing the tube to become ragged and allowing the cable to be damaged, Mazda said.
The material is also being used for components on World Championship motorbikes including the chain pad, head cover, water pump cover, seat, mudguards, windscreens and airbox.
They also criticize feminists for dismissing faith-based women's movements, "matronizing" Muslim women, and being fixated on the Islamic head cover.
I expect Loony putted with his seven-iron, hit some drives with the head cover on.
The coverall gives full-body coverage with maximum scent control when combined with the Scent-Lok head cover.