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A soccer player jumps up to head the ball, but instead--BANG!--her head crashes into another player's.
At first, Tina is oblivious to Chris' blooming homicidal streak, but the next poorbloke to cross their path--a condescending private-school sort (Richard Lumsden) who has the gall to ask Tina to pick up after her new pet--gets his head crashed for her benefit, and darn it, if that's not the nicest thing anybody's ever done for her.
Their fate on Earth is opposite: one that is a beautiful baby with superpowers crashes in the lawn of a mansion, while the other that is ugly and blue with a big head crashes in a prison yard with his companion Minion.
Although contemporary laptops are much less susceptible to hard drive head crashes than in the past (my HP also comes with a 3D shock guard) the risk of catastrophic hard drive failure is always in the back of your mind if you are computing while on the go.
The shelf configuration can be used to sense if a microplate is present prior to processing, eliminating the possibility of pipette head crashes. Other shelf configurations include an alignment shelf that ensures precise positioning of labware.
Its head crashed though the driver's side window, showering her with glass and sending the outside review mirror into the passenger's side of the car.