head of the household

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Similarly, some other personal characteristics such as gender, age, experience and employment status of the head of the household and some household characteristics such as the household size, remittance receiving status, regional and provincial location will also be analysed.
So, it's back to me as the head of the household (as I tend to call myself despite her protestations) to drive everyone to the corner grocery every weekend.
By the time the head of the household has reached 65, and they are more likely to be mortgage-free and have seen their children fly the nest, annual living costs are estimated to have dropped to around PS25,000 a year.
18-30] Individuals who are head of the household and between the age cohort of 18 to 30 years old.
Because as head of the household I have spiritual rule over my wife.
In addition, the researcher used three indicators of social control mechanisms that might affect men's sexual behavior: rural or urban residence (because social control mechanisms are presumably weaker in urban regions), travel away from home in the past 12 months, and social position in the household, determined by whether the man lived alone, headed a two-person household, headed a larger household, was the son or grandson of the head of the household, or was in another position.
The male considered the head of the household is generally required to eat all the eggs, which are a symbol of life.
Stevens and Schaller found that in families in which the head of the household has a high school degree or less, the effects on children's academic achievement are particularly significant; the probability of grade repetition increases by nearly 1 percentage point in such households.
Nairobi-born and a lively, upbeat head of the household with some forthright views.
Matthew Anderton, the head of the household, was Mayor of Chester in 1703 and it is believed the pit was filled in the early 18th century, when the house was cleared after he died in 1709.
For example, many children live in homes where a parent is not the head of the household, therefore limiting parental ability to enforce household rules.
The records show the name, age, place of birth, marital status, and occupation of every resident in every home, as well as their relationship to the head of the household.