head off

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Reports stated that officers told Goodwin to take his dog to the vet when he inquired about the options he had apart from chopping the dog's head off.
We had to cut its head off with a knife to get it to let go of her face.
Blues' final home game of the season before they head off to Bolton on May 2 is against Chartlon Athletic.
His friends took pictures him posing with the live bird's head in his mouth - but then he chomped its head off and spat it out.
The victim was made to call his parents in Bangladesh to secure them a Dh20,000 ransom or they would cut his head off.
Beijing: Japan scrambled fighter jets Thursday to head off a number of Chinese military planes near islands at the centre of a territorial dispute, Japanese media said.
Selby says he thinks it will be easy for him and that he'll box John's head off.
TRIPOLI, Lebanon: Sunday's rally was marred by the death of a teenager in a road accident in Akkar, which required a heavy army deployment to head off sectarian tension.
This is your last chance to root on the hometown team before they head off to the youth slam finals in Los Angeles Monday.
With the credit crunch taking its toll, I might head off to the Ivy on February 14 next year