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Effect of head rotation on lateral cephalometric radiography.
While the front-on body orientation utilises head rotation, pass side elbow flexion and X-factor (torso and pelvic girdle separation) to achieve accurate passes.
Effect of head rotation on overlap and relative position of internal jugular vein to carotid artery in infants and childrena study of the anatomy using ultrasonography.
None of the existing standards included testing for the most dangerous forms of impact involving head rotation, despite surveys which have shown that a high proportion of collisions involve such impacts.
M The left internal jugular vein is often smaller than the right and demonstrates a greater degree of overlap of the adjacent carotid artery during head rotation.
The DM module benefits from a revolutionary head design which features a choice of 4 head rotation angles with an adjustment of 360[degrees] at 90[degrees] increments and 2 actuator entry points.
Damage to semicircular canals and/or otolith organs causes impaired visual acuity during head rotation (DVA); impaired balance and postural control; and symptoms of vertigo, falling, nausea, and disorientation [10-18].
The patient acquired a vicious posture with head rotation to the right.
The first consists of the palpable deviation of the spinous process of the axis in the same direction of head rotation.
Excavation specific energy consumed by head rotation ([E.
Firstly, parameters of human head rotation are discussed.