head start

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The House- and Senate-approved bill for Head Start contains new accountability provisions to increase the education level of teachers in the federally funded preschool program.
Like this mother, 50 percent of families enrolled in Head Start are receiving public assistance.
Head Start is a popular program created in the 1960s to help poor students and their families attain education and health services.
In early May NLC sent out an action alert asking members in key states to contact their senators and express their support for Head Start and concerns with reauthorization.
TWO YEARS AGO, THE BUSH ADministration proposed to "devolve" the federal Head Start program, giving its funds to states to administer their own preschool programs.
An optional Head Start project was first introduced in one section of a child development course with 1 male and 16 female participants.
We are thankful to be able to continue to provide Early Head Start and Head Start services to the most vulnerable families in Hoboken, Plainfield and Somerset County.
A presentation of Head Start Heroes Awards was made April 13 at St.
Comment: Head Start programs provide many advantages to young children.
A 2010 United States Department of Health and Human Services study (Puma, Bell, Cook and Heid, 2010) that concluded that children enrolled in Head Start do see benefits.
Head Start is the principal federally funded program through which the United States invests directly in the human capital of disadvantaged preschool children.