head toward

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I'm crying," cried Pinocchio, lifting his head toward the voice and rubbing his eyes with his sleeve.
Carthoris must have glanced behind him at about the same time and taken in the situation, for by the time I had reached Thuvia's side he was there also, and, springing from his mount, he threw her upon its back and, turning the animal's head toward the hills, gave the beast a sharp crack across the rump with the flat of his sword.
The cat turned his head toward the man, eyeing him steadily--questioningly.
Just see how he's watchin' thee," jerking his head toward the robin.
He noticed that I sighed when he first took me in his arms, and he gently turned my head toward the moonlight to read my trouble in my face.
She dropped her head, with her nose to the ground and directed toward a point near to her closely bunched feet, and around this point she circled several times; then, with a tired sigh that was almost a grunt, she curled her body in, relaxed her legs, and dropped down, her head toward the entrance.
I felt, in bending my head toward you, your beautiful hair touch my cheek; and every time that it touched me I trembled from head to foot.
Oh, I'm here on business too," she answered, turning her head toward him so that they were face to face.
Sheldon inclined his head toward Joan, and as he spoke she felt that he had become a trifle stiff.
His fine eyes lit up with a thoughtful, kindly, and unaccustomed brightness, but he was looking not at his sister but over her head toward the darkness of the open doorway.
The chieftain inclined his head toward the Galu standing at his side.
The lady also took the direction of the Park, without turning her head toward Magdalen as she descended the house step.