head toward

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Arakcheev turned his head toward him without looking at him.
I'm crying," cried Pinocchio, lifting his head toward the voice and rubbing his eyes with his sleeve.
She had been lying awake turning from side to side for about an hour, when suddenly something made her sit up in bed and turn her head toward the door listening.
Athos did not stir from the place he occupied; he scarcely turned his head towards the door to ascertain the sooner what these noises could be.
At last Godfrey turned his head towards her, and their eyes met, dwelling in that meeting without any movement on either side.
"A nice drying day for your washing," I said, as I slowly sipped my milk, with a half-inclination of my head towards the clothes-line.
I stuck my elbow into the person behind me, and turned my head towards the Thing again.
Run along, run along, Vassily Lukitch is calling you," said the porter, hearing the tutor's steps approaching, and carefully taking away from his belt the little hand in the glove half pulled off, he signed with his head towards the tutor.
The young girl's attention had been attracted to him for the last few moments; she had repeatedly turned her head towards him with uneasiness; she had even once come to a standstill, and taking advantage of a ray of light which escaped from a half-open bakery to survey him intently, from head to foot, then, having cast this glance, Gringoire had seen her make that little pout which he had already noticed, after which she passed on.
"Him want to know," he said, jerking his head towards Captain Francis, "whether you know what means?"
Aynesworth inclined his head towards the place where Wingrave sat.
She turned her head towards them, and there was a malicious gleam in her eves.