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MATERIALS 1/4 yard cotton fabric * 1/2-inch-wide headbands * Glue gun * Fabric scissors * Tacky glue
Granted, it s not an everyday piece of headgear, but there isn t exactly a standard industry look for brain-sensing headbands yet.
Promoting the product, Aurora headband co-founder Daniel Schoonover said that you need something that makes you question the reality that you are in.
This package comprises of ten Enersound R-120 Digital FM Receivers, one Williams Sound Portable Transmitter PFM T36 and one Standard Headband Microphone.
From the sides, to across the front of the forehead or even as a headband, plaits keep your hair out of the way and still looking really pretty.
For our Tracks headphones, we believe a 1,000-Day Guarantee on the Sound Track headband delivers on that promise.
Supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of a table of remote radiology Headband and sensor plane for service gastroenterology.
America's love affair with the fashion headband grew more fervent mid century as Hollywood's biggest starlets popularized the look.
InteraXon's Muse headband uses the same EEG technology that doctors use to diagnose and understand epilepsy, strokes and other brain issues, but with just four sensors instead of the hundreds used in a hospital scan.
Designed for both men and women, they feature a unique angled plush earcup, in addition to their super comfortable, extra wide interchangeable headband.
The kit also includes the EZ-Headlight, with an adjustable headband and an 8,000-candlepower xenon lamp that swivels and provides high-intensity coaxial lighting, without a halo effect.
A wireless headband tracks the different sleep phases and sends a nightly sleep quality score to the smartphone.