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Headcheese 20 pounds pork 5 pounds beef 1 ounce pepper 1/2 pound salt 1/4 ounce Allspice 1/2 ounce cloves 1/2 ounce caraway seed, optional The pork used for this usually consists of heads, hearts, tongues, and if using beef, should be shanks and necks.
Why a visitation here in the land of Mars Cheesecastles, knockwurst, headcheese, sheepshead, Esterhazy Schnitzel, Great Lakes Dragaway and steak tartare?
The contract is for the supply of processed meat products, canned and processed red meat Ham, sausage, fuet, bacon, ham, pt, beef, pt, salami, headcheese, roulade, black pudding, canned.
Recipes and advice on a variety of activities--from skinning a rabbit to making headcheese ("scrub the [pig's] head until .