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At present, all forms of headgear except cheekpieces are classified in cards and form as blinkers, but in August the Turf Club approved a change to its definition of blinkers to allow for differentiation for visors, eyeshields, pacifiers and hoods from the word 'blinkers'.
Sabic's versatile, lightweight resins offer designers new ways to enhance comfort, usability and aesthetics, encouraging consistent use and freeing workers to focus on the job-not their headgear.
Marc Schoen, Michael Schoen and Brian Neugeboren of Savitt Partners represented Headgear in the lease negotiations.
The new model was developed over two years during which use of the current headgear was analysed.
Since the start of the Israeli aggression in Gaza on December 27, I have been receiving many clients, mostly Egyptians, asking for the distinctive Palestinian headgear," Shaaban told Gulf News.
Rather, some kind of horned helmet or headgear seems to be indicated, possible prototypes for which abound in the Eastern Mediterranean since the middle of the second millennium BC.
One of the latest headgear innovations for a nasal interface features three adjustable Velcro[R] straps, one at the rear of the head, and two at the crown.
Few items of clothing seem to get people as worked up as headgear.
Some of the headpieces had fallen off during shows, so the company management required that the headgear be attached directly to the performers' hair.
It,on the other hand does not surprise me,as Police Officers on the streets of North Wales, including Traffic Officers,do not wear any headgear at all when attending incidents.
ONE of America's top TV comics has upset Catholics by likening the Pope's headgear to that of the white supremacist Ku Klux Klan.
The single-size masks and headgear designs reduce inventory and fitting time.