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Indeed, warnings in sermons and other religious texts against making overhasty negative predestinarian judgments often appear cheek-by-jowl beside headier passages casting aspersions on the salvific prospects of those guilty of the sin being censured.
And, as a reminder of the headier days when BB truly was the hot topic of water cooler conversation the nation over, here's our Top 10 of classic homegrown contestants from series gone by.
The neat division between light, spritzy Portuguese Vinho Verde and richer, headier Spanish Albarino is turned on its head by a remarkable Alvarinho made just north of Lisbon.
In the symphony's even headier brew of intoxicating sounds and orchestral effects Gardner often conducted like one demented, though always fully in charge of the controlled improvisations and apparent mayhem.
But right there, that's the point: It's the evocative prose as much as anything else that makes this food really special, elevating an egg or chicken breast or bag of arugula from the realm of ordinary protein and carbohydrates into a much headier experience, one with complex aesthetic, emotional, and even political dimensions.
On warmer days when we have had time to come in for lunch, the scent has been headier still, causing visitors to stop in their tracks.
Unemployment, while not as acute as a few years ago in the depths of the recession, is still more than twice what America enjoyed during headier times (and, as has often been pointed out, the real unemployment numbers are well into the double digits, but newer, looser standards of reporting conceal the true extent of the problem).
Liam Bonner, as Henri, was no vocal ideal--I'd have traded the burly vibrancy of his baritone for a headier, more pointed sound--but he looked dashing and acted with the requisite royal swagger.
Years ago in a headier market, the home sold for a cool $12 million.
Lower Dens' new record, Nootropics, on the other hand, goes for much headier subject matter.
Today's opponents Barrow know all about struggling in nonleague's top tier, but they have headier ambitions after a decent start and they can triumph at Sincil Bank.
Meanwhile, the economy remains sluggish, depressing business activity that in headier times would generate increased commissions for agents and brokers.