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Linear growth is very hard to achieve in books--never mind the exponential kind--and the headiest times call for the greatest excess of caution.
Positivism, in its headiest incarnation, thus promised "an exact and scientific method for the study of crime, a technical means of resolving a serious social problem, and a genuinely humane hope of preventing the harm of crime and improving the character of offenders.
The ultimate artistic expression of this new faith in human divinity was exhibited in the headiest excesses of the Romantic imagination.
But this was easily the best result of his fledgling reign and the way Villa broke upfield with such purpose was a flashback to the headiest days of Martin O'Neill's Villa team.
In any event, while the proliferation of international tribunals may increase the risk of fragmentation, it also raises the possibility that, if only for reasons of collective professional or bureaucratic self-interest, proliferation could lead to cross-fertilization, not only in the headiest realms of jurisprudence but in routine matters of practice and procedure as well.
But the headiest scent was that of Jimmy Choo perfume, as guests exclaimed over the surprise in their gift bags: $100 bottles of the haute new fragrance.
The up side is, there is certainly one sector of society who will benefit profoundly from the cost of defending the world's headiest economic and political organized think tank from random attacks by underwear bombers and limping three-fingered ammonium-nitrate fertilizer buyers.
Indeed, even in the headiest days of central planning, when all forms of private business were formally illegal, the majority of Vietnamese worked in the informal private sector (Abrami and Henaff 2004).
At the same time, in his capacity as chairman of the National Association of Chain Drug Stores, Bryant was instrumental in steering the organization to some of its headiest legislative and regulatory victories, restoring much of the luster NACDS had lost during the decade's early years.