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The vessel glided between the headlands of the port, and the giant resumed his march.
On the left the low-lying land stretched in a dim haze, rising here and there into a darker blur which marked the higher capes and headlands.
Diana and Jane and Ruby only waited long enough to see it caught in the current and headed for the bridge before scampering up through the woods, across the road, and down to the lower headland where, as Lancelot and Guinevere and the King, they were to be in readiness to receive the lily maid.
At this rate the flat would fill and sink long before it could drift to the lower headland.
Ruby, Jane, and Diana, already awaiting it on the lower headland, saw it disappear before their very eyes and had not a doubt but that Anne had gone down with it.
The first and second headlands were directly in line with the south-west wind; but once around the second,--and we went perilously near,--we picked up the third headland, still in line with the wind and with the other two.
Now the view broadens; through the gateway of the sentinel headlands you gaze out over the wide Rhine plain, which stretches away, softly and richly tinted, grows gradually and dreamily indistinct, and finally melts imperceptibly into the remote horizon.
Between bold headlands of rock and under a gray cloud-blown sky, a dozen boats, long and lean and dark, beaked like monstrous birds, were landing on a foam-whitened beach of sand.
The fisherman pointed to the rollers tumbling in on the sand-bank, and to the great waves leaping up in clouds of foam against the headlands on either side of us.
The schooner passed out to sea between the steep headlands that shut in the bay, and at the same instant Karain passed out of our life forever.
Standing on the Headland is the impressive St Hilda's Church.
And now prospective buyers have the opportunity to own an impressive part of this famous and ancient limestone headland next to the popular seaside town of Llandudno, with tenders invited for beautiful Parc Farm.